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I have a hellebores that I would like to move as it is not a good position. It was planted about 2 years ago so is not that old. It is also currently still in flower.

Can I get advice on the best time to move and an idea of the size of roots this plant is likely to have.



Hi Somhairlie, thanks for the PM. I have just moved one actually as it was like yours, not greatly positioned. But it is only in the ground for a year and only has one flower head. Anyway, I dug it out with as much soil as I could and got it back in as fast as possible, and its fine. I think the best time to do it would probably be in winter, but hey...that's all year around for us! lol! But seriously though....if you get it out with as much soil as you can. They aren't always happy to be moved, so you need to trick them!

11 Apr, 2018


yes I agree, they have brittle roots so avoid as much damage as possible. keep well watered should it ever stop raining!

11 Apr, 2018


Thanks for that. This has only a few flowers and not much in the way of foliage. That is partly why I want to move it. I would not be moving it too far but it is kinda hidden at the moment and would like to get it into the open a little more.

I can do this in the same exercise and it sounds like I may get away with it.

11 Apr, 2018


Yes, you probably will. :)

11 Apr, 2018

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