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By Pam24

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I planted the gap in my border, between the Yew and the Amalanchier with 30 tulip bulbs , in the autumn. Only those i planted nearer the Amalanchier have come up.....why havnt the others. Is it something to do with the yew? I read somewhere some trees/plants can have a toxic effect and almost have a barrier around them....although there are other plants that are fine!




I have a yew with tulips, daffs & irises growing around them just fine. I don't understand why yours' have not. Try digging up a couple bulbs to examine what's wrong.

11 Apr, 2018


certainly mine around the yew have grown well in past years. The yew has died sadly but all the other plants are up and happy. I wonder if that area has been too dry for the tulips.

11 Apr, 2018


Thanks for those certainly is dryer on that side but not badly so, but maybe....also I shall get out there tomorrow and dig a couple up to see what’s happening. I’ll post the results :)

11 Apr, 2018


If that is the north side of the Yew, the shade will greatly slow the emergence of the shoots.

11 Apr, 2018


Ok, I dug around and this is the result.....I think it looks like they’ve been eaten and the rotted as well...strange it stopped halfway across the bed!

17 Apr, 2018

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