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Hosta ID if possible please.

I bought mixed bare root hostas in the autumn. This one is a uniform green except for about 1mm of the leaf margin which is pale and finely serrated.
Can any one put a name to it.

On plant Hosta

Hosta_unknown Hosta_leaf



Hi Sbg, I'm no expert on Hosta's, but the 4 which I think it could be are; H Venusta, H Royal Standard, H Honey Bells, and H August Moon, but I could be miles away, there are so many, good luck, Derek.

22 Apr, 2018


Thanks for the info. I can rule out August moon as I have that one already. its more a yellow green whereas this is more blue green. But I will investigate the other suggestions and let you know how I get on.

Hope you are enjoying the garden and doing ok. :o)

22 Apr, 2018


Hi Sbg, yes I've been busy in the garden, sorting things out for a memorial garden, just deciding where exactly to place the beds, got most of the plants, just waiting for the oak bench, also I'm thinking of getting a 3 tier fountain, but can't decide whether to go for a mains electric 1, or go for a solar powered 1, [decisions, decisions], Derek.

22 Apr, 2018


in this country?: solar powered!
Personally I'd go for the electric one then you know it will be playing when ever you want it. please post pictures when you have it done. x

23 Apr, 2018


Hi, yes I think you could be right, although the solar lights I bought seem to be quite bright, but again the weather has been sunny.
As for posting photo's, I have yet to work out how to do that with windows 8.1, I had no problem with vista, or when I had an i-pad, but I'm sure there must be a way, Derek.

23 Apr, 2018

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