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Just wondering if this will work ? Thinking of getting a large oak barrel and lining it with a plastic dustbin of some sort, and planting a wisteria . I would have it on my decking growing on a fence and trellis. I want it in the barrel in order to to keep a control over its growth. Could anyone please give advice many thanks



Wisteria can be grown quite well in containers, but when they are, they're usually trained and pruned into a standard form rather like a small tree, with a post for support, as opposed to twining up round a trellis. Contained in even a large pot, wisteria will run out of root room fairly quickly and become stunted. Info here

22 Apr, 2018


Don't forget to make some provision for drainage in your dustbin.

22 Apr, 2018


I.e., holes in the bottom of the dustbin and barrel, so the water can drain away. A layer of gravel without holes fills up with water very quickly, and then the Wisteria thinks it's growing in a swamp...and that doesn't work.

23 Apr, 2018

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