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I purchased this fuschia, my first one after all these years. Could you please give me advice on repotting it and as the best location to place it with regards to lighting. Thank you




Repotting this is just like any other plant really. chose the pot you want and use a good compost mix. I'd add some slow release fertiliser granules too. Gently tease the root ball if it is congested and plant to the same depth and water well. I find they do better with some partial shade. I assume its for outdoors.

22 Apr, 2018


Is it a hardy one?

22 Apr, 2018


It came with no info tag Stera and the other ones offered for sale had no tags either.

23 Apr, 2018


Thank You Very Much SBG

23 Apr, 2018


well if in doubt bring it under shelter in the autumn and keep it frost free and it should survive for you. but keep it on the dry side when you do. you are welcome :o)

23 Apr, 2018

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