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By Janpled

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

My garden extends into a bluebell woodland and the blue bells self set in my flower beds and after a year or two become white and in some cases pink. Why?



its not uncommon its just a genetic variation. They can be very pretty.

22 Apr, 2018


It could be a reaction to the soil PH such as the case with hydrangea.

22 Apr, 2018


As far as I am aware they are not pH sensitive as the predominant colour is blue in all the native woodlands and they have a wide range of pH's.

22 Apr, 2018


Its odd if they all change colour though. A few pinks and whites are normal. I guess the more white ones there are the more likely it will be that the seedlings will be white too. I have some pink ones for the first time this year and have seen no pink ones in the area they have seeded from.

22 Apr, 2018


I didn't think of them changing colour but new bulbs flowering for the first time amongst the blue.

22 Apr, 2018


Sorry, that's what I meant - badly expressed...

22 Apr, 2018

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