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Oxalis deppei [strong reddish markings on leaf and deep pink flowers]

I have been bought a pot of these. Are they invasive or are they safe to plant in the rockery? In the back of my mind I have a voice screaming 'don't plant out'.
what do you advise please?



It is quite invasive if it likes the situation, not sure I'd risk it on a rockery. I've certainly grown it in the border, usually in 'difficult' situations (not full sun for instance) and its not been a major problem.

22 Apr, 2018


I might relegate it to the beds under the beech tree then. They are corms and I will try to dead head it: if I remember. perhaps the squirrels will dig them up haha.

23 Apr, 2018


I don't recall our resident squirrel being in the least interested in the corms - but maybe that's why it didn't spread out of control!

23 Apr, 2018

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