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Hi all, my alliums, pot grown (think they are Beau Regard) started off fine, as usual, now the leaves are all drooping and feel very soft and limp. Usually they grow quite well and always in a pot. Any ideas?



Mine are doing exactly the same in a pot outdoors, but as far as I'm concerned, that's relatively normal - the leaves start to die back before the flowers open.

24 Apr, 2018


yes this is what I find too. in a pot the tips go yellow and die back as the buds emerge from the base. I cut off the dead bits just to tidy them up.

24 Apr, 2018 too. Its always best to grow Alliums amongst other perennials so that the leaves get hidden by the foliage of their neighbours. :)

25 Apr, 2018


Thank you all. Thought I was doing something wrong this time. Might take your advice Cottagekaren and move them out to where they don't look so "neglected". Thanks again.

25 Apr, 2018

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