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Tomato Plants.
Which are your favourites and how do you grow them? eg In the ground,Grow bags ,in the greenhouse or outside.
Thank you for tips etc.



Sungolds! The best cherry tomato (tomatoes are orange/gold color) by far in my opinion. The vines are very large and like to ramble so outside in a sunny location with lots of rich compost. Large clusters of sweet fruity tomatoes all summer long. A very robust vine that is resistant to diseases. They are great fried up with bacon & eggs - a little salt & pepper.

25 Apr, 2018


Thanks Bathgate you make me feel very hungry ?
I will try one of this variety.

25 Apr, 2018


I'm trying a new one this year. Called crimson crush. Going to put a few in pots in greenhouse and some outside in pots. Trying it as they are surposely tomato blight resistant which my tomato plants got last year. I will have to wait for hubby to tell what they taste like as I don't like tomatoes ?

25 Apr, 2018


Outside grown would be Gardeners Delight and for the greenhouse, Shirley. I find that outside, grow direct in the ground. For inside, I would recommend growing in large pots or if you can find them, the large cans that shops have for cooking oil, cut in half. I hate growbags as I find it difficult to regulate the watering and the fiddling method of supporting the plants. If you do grow inside, direct into the soil, then you will need to change the soil after a time in case there is a build up of soil diseases.

26 Apr, 2018


I grow harbinger as a salad tomato, roma a small sweet plum and rosella a pinky skin very sweet cherry tom. they are all in the greenhouse as I don't have the space for outside. they are in tomato pots and we use growbag medium and feed every week once the flowers set.
I start the seed off and grow them un until they are ready to go into their final pots then OH takes over the rest.

26 Apr, 2018


Thank you for all your very useful suggestions.
Today I have been doing my favourite occupation - plant hunting.
And these are the plants I have chosen.

1 Totem a dwarf tomato that does not need its side shoots removing

2 Money Maker

3 Alison Craig

4 Sun Gold

5 and finally Shirley

I will let you know how I get on

26 Apr, 2018


I have grown MoneyMaker, Alison Craig both on the allotment & on our balcony. Both have excellent tomatoes & are well adapted to our fickle UK weather. both are strong growers but unfortunately they are not blight resistant.

I lost all my plants on the allotment to blight but never have it on the balcony. The secret is to keep the leaves dry at all times as the blight spores need water to germinate. If humidity is high in a greenhouse then blight will be able to get a hold on the plants. If the leaves are kept dry, as happens on our balcony, then there is no danger from it.

As I don't have soil I grow my Tomatoes in growbags every year & most years get a reasonable crop. As I garden on a balcony I have the tomatoes growing up strings to the balcony ceiling. Tomato grow pots have holes in the 4 corners for canes so this should help a little with supporting them but I have never used them because I train them up with strings.

28 Apr, 2018


Thank you Balcony for kind advice and ideas???

28 Apr, 2018


Only too glad to be of help! ??

1 May, 2018

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