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Hi all! could what is wrong with my Lupins I used to have lovely ones

Dublin, Ireland Ie

Hi all! could anyone tell me what is wrong with my Lupins I used to have lovely ones.




1) The pot is too small and the roots can't expand. It's time to upgrade to a larger pot with fresh new potting mix. 2) All the leaves going off to one side means it's straining for the sun. Try to find a sunny location so it can grow straight up like a pyramid shape. 3) Feed with a balanced fertilizer.

25 Apr, 2018


Check inside the rolled over leaves - aphids or mites sometimes form colonies and roll or curl the leaves over in this way. If its mites, you'll need a magnifying glass, so make sure you have one to hand before unfolding the leaves. If its aphids, you can rub them out with your fingers, but they may continue to be a problem ongoing, so treatment with an insecticide spray might be necessary.

If the plant's been in the same pot since last year, it likely does need repotting - turn it out of its pot to check. I can't see how deep the pot is, but lupins want to form a fairly deep taprot, and they can't do that in a pot very easily unless its a deep pot.

25 Apr, 2018


Thanks very much for the advice, I will turn it out and see what the story is as it is in the sun and try putting it in the ground.

25 Apr, 2018


Have a look for the dreaded vine weevil, always a problem for potted plants.

25 Apr, 2018


Lupins are regarded as short-lived perennials so perhaps you might sow some new or self-saved seeds. I would also prefer to grow them in the ground.

26 Apr, 2018

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