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Does any one know what this fungi is and is it poisonous please they growing from my seedlings of sweet peas .

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I can't identify it but it would not be poisonous if you don't eat it, and I wouldn't recomment that! The won't hurt your sweet peas and i guess that you will soon be planting those out and getting rid of the cardboard pots.

26 Apr, 2018


Thank you Bulbaholic I was going to plant cardboard as well but now I won't as I dont want it to spread. They are in my kitchen on my table hence why I asked if they were poisoness.

26 Apr, 2018


The one with the ridged appearance to the cap is Parasola plicatus, a saprophytic fungi, not sure what the round blobs are. These are just the fruiting bodies of mycelium already in the potting soil you used in the peat pots, so you need not worry about stripping off the pots prior to planting outdoors. Soil outdoors has loads of mycelium in the ground all the time, its an essential part of the soil eco system, you just don't know its there unless/until it produces toadstools. What you can do is just break off the fruiting bodies - all the time they're present, they're emitting spores, which isn't life threatening in any way, but which you might not want indoors. Just don't eat them...

26 Apr, 2018


Thank you so much Bamboo I shall move them out side.

26 Apr, 2018

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