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I have an 8ft potted tree. Each winter it sheds its leaves and they start growing in March/April.

It is very pretty in the summer. Who can surprise me with the name of it please.

Many thanks




Summer/autumn leaf colour, blossom, fruit?

29 Apr, 2018


Green leaves in Summer, orange/brown as winter approaches but no fruit. I think it has brown/red bracts in summer!

29 Apr, 2018


is the new twig furry? can you take a close up of a bud and young leaf with the light shining on it rather from behind?. at the moment I have Sumach going round my head.

29 Apr, 2018


I agree with you Seaburn, looks like a Stag's Horn Sumach (Rhus typhina) which tends to sucker and seed everywhere.

29 Apr, 2018


I thought it looked like a sumach as well. :)

29 Apr, 2018


Thank you for responding it is not a sumach. The pictures were so bad it's hard to identify it. I will take some more pics when it is brighter and the leaves are growing bigger by the day. Pictures coming maybe Thur or Friday

Regards Poppy

2 May, 2018

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