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Am I too late to sow sweet peas. Last year ones I grew from previous years seeds were very poor hardly any blooms.Seeds I had given to friends were the same. The previous year I had a job to find enough vases to display them indoors and gave bunches to friends all through Summer they were an absolute delight. Due to a dreadful shock bereavement last year the garden was badly neglected and truth to tell I am finding it a struggle to feel interested this year and it is looking very poorly. As asked about in a previous question I also have some sort of growth on all planters shiny green fleshy very short rooted. Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.Thanke



Sorry to hear of your loss, Lindy. I know from experience that grief makes everyday activities harder. Gardening is one of the most therapeutic things you can do, however. Maybe you can start with easy stuff: patches of Nasturtiums, Cosmos, Sweet Alyssum, Shirley Poppies, etc. are easy to start, and rarely need more than deadheading. Your garden may veer towards the Cottage style for a while, but the combination of growth and renewal, bright flowers, and easy hand work could help with your own renewal.

5 May, 2018


Welcome to GoY Lindy.
Sorry you are still finding it difficult to come to terms with your loss. But as Tug says and I agree, it will get better in time.
As for your sweet peas if you have seed then yes you can still set them going. they will flower a bit later that's all. They need lots of 'feeding' and plenty of water to get good flowers.

5 May, 2018


Don't worry too much abut the garden - getting your own energy back after such a shock is the priority really. These things take more time than you imagine, but spending some pottering time outside can be very therapeutic. Don't expect too much of yourself for now.

Maybe try not to look at the whole garden at once. Why not clear a small area near the house for some summer annuals, perhaps a few bought bedding plants just to cheer you up and take it from there? Its surprising how much better you feel just seeing a little patch that's under control. Keep an eye on the weeds and try to prevent them setting seed if you can.

My favourite tip for making an instant impact is to do the lawn edges!

Do keep in touch and let us know ow you go on.

5 May, 2018

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