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A pampas grass plant I bought and put in last autumn is looking very sorry for itself, with no sign of any new growth. There is only the dried "leaves". I water it regularly and it is in good growing soil. My other shrubs grow fine. Should I give it more time?



Assuming the frosts are over in your vicinity, I would be inclined to cut away the dead stems and just keep it moist and carry on waiting. I know that some people set fire to the dead stems but it can be dangerous. My previous neighbour had a particularly large one in the centre of a small front garden; he set it alight and it nearly ended up with the firebrigade being called.

5 May, 2018


Thanks Jimmytheone, don't think I'll be setting fire to it seems a bit drastic lol. Will have to persevere with the watering. The annoying thing is that in my previous place I had a really large pampas which was growing in rubble left by the builders !!

5 May, 2018


Hi, welcome to GoY, this is 1 of the toughest plants I know, years ago I had to dig 1 out, cut all the growth off, and put the rootball on a bonfire, the fire didn't destroy it, and it sent new shoots up, I eventually had to put it into the council garden waste bin, to see the last of it, Derek.

6 May, 2018

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