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Hope you can help.
We have a standard azalia which is grafted onto a host azalia stem and is planted in a large garden pot. A few years ago it produced 3 side shoots from the host stem which i think should have been removed, but her indoors said no and they produced flowers somewhat different from the main plant but were OK. However these shoots have now overtaken the complete plant and the main part which seems to being starved and is looking very poor, while the shoots are thriving but far too large.
I would like to remove these shoots but afraid it may kill the main plant and then I would have to face her and she would say I told you so. What should I do ???
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I would definitely remove them as the plant may revert to its original plant

5 May, 2018


Well if she does say I told you so its quite true after all! Take courage and remove them unless you prefer the flowers on the shoots and have room for a larger shrub.
The original one isn't going to flourish with all that competition from a stronger root stock whatever you do..

6 May, 2018

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