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By Chloro

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I have a problem with my hawthorn tree. The 2nd year after it was planted it was full of beautiful flowers. The next year it didn't have as many. Last year and this spring it only had about 3 flowers. It has not been pruned. Can anyone please help? Thanks.



what type of soil is it in? Has it had more water than normal or less than normal. Are its leaves healthy and growing strongly.
could you add a photo?
sorry about all the questions. I suspect it is just settling in and the flowers were preset the year you bought it.

7 May, 2018


Could it be down to late severe frosts which some parts of uk have had?, could it be the pigeons or blue tits taking blossom buds before they are going to flower?

7 May, 2018


It's on clay soil. I never water it except the year it was first planted. The leaves are very green and healthy. I don't think the flowers were preset as it didn't blossom until the 2nd year after it was planted.

8 May, 2018

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