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Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Could someone please identify this plant - it's about two foot tall and simply appeared at the bottom of our garden where I keep it 'wild' for the birds.




it is probably oil seed rape. they do put that and mustards in the seed mix. if you have farms/fields near by that could be the place it originated from.

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7 May, 2018


Gosh thank you so much - I never thought of that - we have tons of fields of it around but I've never seen it up close. I was thinking more of a wood type plant as we have those around too. It is a beauty for sure.

8 May, 2018


don't let it self seed or you will have hundreds of them. collect the seeds just before ripe dry them in a paper bag and then add the seed to your bird mix.

8 May, 2018


Oh okay, I guess it's probably a tad over the top for a small garden - shame though - at least my birds will benefit!

8 May, 2018

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