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Ive planted bulbs in a planter 4 times and the blackbirds think it is their own cafe. They've ate the lot. Earlier tonight I planted some freesia and put some windmills and strips of red, stiff net fabric down to try and deter the little buggers. While I was doing this the blackbirds didn't like what they saw and the noise they made was so loud that my neighbours came out to see what the fuss was. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. I'll appreciate any advice, thanks.



Your solution sounds great. I did not realise blackbirds could be responsible for so many of my spring bulbs being eaten.

7 May, 2018


Ive never noticed them [blackbirds] eating bulbs. they will disturb the soil looking for grubs and worms etc and they have left the bulbs on the path. do you have squirrels as they are a real nuisance and so are mice. I regularly loose crocus to the furry little critters.

8 May, 2018


Lol Sbg the blackie is like an untidy teenager. It throws stuff everywhere. I planted my bulbs deeper in the hope that they would not get pinched but the area had a lot of roots from the large shrubs I removed so I could not always get down 6" as recommended. On reflection it probably was squirrels or mice who did the damage. I am finding that the shrubs which were treated with root killer have lots of runners but they are coming up quite nicely when I weed.

8 May, 2018

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