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Hi all!
I have planted potatoes in containers and this time have: Pentland Javelin, Charlotte, Desiree and King Edwards. Thanks to those who recommended the main crop varieties. Like before I added fertiliser when first putting the tubers in. However, I am wondering if I should keep adding fertiliser as I top up the soil. I have not done this before as I have not seen it referred to but have just read something to suggest that I should.



Certainly, carry on feeding as some of the potatoes you have selected are main crop and still have quite a while to go before they mature. Have a look at the 'Pound shop', I believe they have organic potato fertiliser for sale. As you will need to water regularly, then what fertiliser there is in the compost will be quickly washed away.

8 May, 2018


Thanks. Will do. I already have the fertiliser so I will just keep topping it up.

8 May, 2018

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