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By Ryde

Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have recently moved and taken on a garden which I am excited about. Unfortunately I am no gardener but do hope to be in the future. My question is - Is there anywhere on your site that is dedicated to UK weeds? I am very unsure what to pull,hence the question. Thank you in advance



Welcome to GoY Ryde.
You will get lots of help from this site.
for now there are 2 major choices. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the alphabet, click on w and scroll down again to find weeds. there are photos members have posted.
your other choice is to google the RHS [Royal horticultural society] weed identification. they have a lot of excellent advice.
also add photos of any plants you want us to help you identify.

also take lots of photos of your new garden so you can see how it evolves. I am excited for you in your new ventures.

8 May, 2018


Agree, take photos of the whole plant and if necessary one showing a good view of the leaves and flowers if there are any. You can ask as many question as you like on here, so we look forward to hearing from you again.

Many weeds are only plants growing in the wrong place - eg foxgloves and red campion are wild plants but are also grown in gardens, while others need to be removed in a hurry before they can spread.

Best wishes with the new garden!

8 May, 2018


Although many gardeners might not agree, I would suggest that if you have the time and the inclination, perhaps consider clearing the whole garden, draw up a planting scheme and start afresh with a blank canvas. You can then make the new garden yours rather than adapting another persons taste.

8 May, 2018


I disagree really as there may well be some lovely plants that are yet to appear. I'd be tempted to record what you have and where over the year and then plan your personal garden. Some plants may be there because they are there in the best position for the garden.

8 May, 2018


I would wait too - you never know what the rest of the year might bring. Nothing wrong with redesigning once you know what's there already.

8 May, 2018


Thank you ALL so much for your help and advice. I am a bit of a coward in regards to starting over, but once I have the bug, anything can happen...

Someone I spoke to at work said a weed is just a flower you don't like, its your garden your taste (as you mentioned earlier too). I assure you I know what a dandelion is...but only just, and they are not staying (apologises to those that like them) I have had a look on the weeds section on the site very very quickly. I need to go through it with a fine tooth comb, I might be a while.

Thank you again for the advice on taking lots of photos. I think that is a rather good idea.

Have a lovely day

10 May, 2018


yes the definition of a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place. so if you have lupins and don't like them your garden is the wrong place.
I have many 'weeds' in the eyes of some gardeners but they are British natives and fulfil an important role in encouraging wildlife in.
I have lots of photos and when I look back at earlier blogs I can see how the garden is growing and changing.

10 May, 2018


If you have lots of dandelions and no time to dig them all up right away (and you are not alone there!) we find that a good thing to do is a daily "dandelion job" where we decapitate every one we can find. Often they have seeded, showing us where we missed them... If you find it a bit boring it 's an idea to count them - you feel quite good when you can say you've got eg 64 this morning...

10 May, 2018

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