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Due to “circumstances” my toms and cucs are way behind this year, but they’re just about ready to go into pots in the greenhouse, and into prepared raised beds outside. But all I have in store are 2 bags of multipurpose compost, 2 bags of John Innes No.1 Compost and 1 bad of Miracle Gro root boosting compost.
Are any of these suitable, mixed together or otherwise, or should I go and get something else.
The “circumstances” were due to not one of my new packet of Gardeners Delight toms growing at all !



the multipurpose compost will be fine. feed them once the first truss of flowers sets to form fruit.

10 May, 2018


Thanks S.G. - have already been advised to mix about 30% of my home made compost into the multipurpose compost, would you agree this ? I won’t if you say not.

10 May, 2018


Well I wouldn't recommend that unless your home made compost (from the compost pile or bin I assume) was made aerobically, meaning you turned it at least twice a week. If you didn't, and it was left to get on with it, it may contain pathogens which are fine in open soil, but not in pots - compost that is not turned doesn't get hot enough to kill off pathogens.

10 May, 2018


Remember that when you plant your tomato seedlings to plant them deeply - up to the first set of leaves. This will help develop a good healthy root system to support lots of tomatoes. In the greenhouse, can you plant them in the floor? That would be ideal so the roots can go down deep. If not, use the biggest pot you can find - a garbage can or storage tub would be ideal (after you drill a few drainage holes). The roots need lots of room and don't like being restricted to a small pot. They are heavy feeders. I don't think you need the Miracle Grow - just rich fertile compost & kept evenly moist. They are naturally vigorous growers.

Also, add some garden lime to the planting hole. This will enable the tomatoes to take up calcium & magnesium - preventing blossom end rot. Avoid acidic additives like peat. Tomatoes need sweet.

If you feel it's getting late to start from seeds, just get a pack or two of seedlings ready at most garden centers.

Sorry this is so long, lol. One last thing - - Don't plant your tomatoes in the same place you planted them last year. Read up on 'crop rotation' for explanation. I'm sure you knew this anyway.

11 May, 2018


Thanks B.1, no compost to be used.

And thanks B2, I appreciated all that information - read it through 3 times. And my new packet of seeds are now coming on well.

11 May, 2018

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