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20 headed , AeonIum puchased in July was almost black within a week it shed its black petals they are now green .How moist do I keep it ,what is the lowest temp it will survive in,I have it in a sheltered porch at the moment temp 60 "c I have it covered at night as the nights are getting colder.

On plant Aeonium arboreum rubrum



the blackness of the leaves is directly related to the amount of sunlight the plant receives - dim lighting, no sun, green leaves. Best stood outside during summer, then moved somewhere frost free for the winter, i.e., indoors. But still in sun if possible.

27 Aug, 2010


I keep mine out doors through the summer then bring them in just as the weather turns wintery and keep them in the unheated conservatory. I have had the same plant for 6 years now.

27 Aug, 2010

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