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Which is the real hespires matromonalis? For years I have grown hespires matromonalis from seed such as Sarah ravens then last year I saw a different one in a nursery claiming as you see on its label I bought the same last year claims to be a matronalis same flowers but everything else seemed different in the last photo I have picked one stem on left out of the gthe garden and placed it side by side by the nursery bought one

Img_20180514_181230848 Img_20180514_172625548 Img_20180514_180014960



there can be quite a lot of variation in the leaf so I'd say they both are. Though the forms I have are more like the first photo.

14 May, 2018


I would say having them here there is defiantly a big difference they are both hespires but softer velvet narrow itleaves better flowers softer stem not prickly. I will put up some close photos. I did come across a new hespires last year at wisley plant center it was very expensive and they couldn't tell me with confidence of how it was propergated it had more stunning flowers but alas no info on it.

15 May, 2018


the slim hairy-ish is closer to the wild form. but when a variant comes along they are often kept and bred from or given a cultivar name. I have the slim hairy form and most of their offspring are more like it but they do bush out as they get older.

18 May, 2018


I found out that hespires can vary dramatically and both my totally different looking plants yes are matrimonal

10 Jun, 2018

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