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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi folks something is having a nibble at my pinks, could it be slugs/moths or butterflies maybe. Best cure please if there is one. Slugs I can deal no problem, but wouldn't want to harm moths/butterflies.




Foliage or flowers or both?

16 May, 2018


Flowers Jimmy.

17 May, 2018


Looks perfect to me! What sort of 'nibbles'? Are we talking round bite sized shapes or angular pecks (blackbirds)?
If it's kept on the table shown you would assume it's not slugs as you would see the silvery trails. I used to lose all the flowers of an early Primula Wanda as the birds were attracted to the bright colour, perhaps that's it.

17 May, 2018


I would say it might be earwigs eating the flowers as they seem to prefer light coloured ones. My only suggestion is night time visits with a torch. Pyrethrum powder might do the trick.

17 May, 2018


I suspect it may be birds pecking them. [squirrels is also a possibility].

18 May, 2018


Thanks folks.

20 May, 2018

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