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Can anyone guess what my 10 year old 9ft potted tree is called, please solve my mystery. The leaves are bit dry as we are waiting for it to rain.

Img_20180516_190213 Img_20180516_190208 Img_20180516_190152



Hi, it's 1 of the Sumach's, but there are about 200 species, I think the most commonly found 1 is Rhus typhina, usually the cultivar ''laciniata'', R typhina is commonly called the stags horn sumach, or velvety sumach, because of the velvety feel to the younger shoots, Derek.

16 May, 2018


Sumach was my first thought too. I think it may have become leggy because you keep it in a pot but if you planted it in the garden it could send out suckers.

16 May, 2018


Aren't they always leggy Scotsgran? We have one up on our field which straggles everywhere and suckers spread like weeds, so do be careful if you plant it out anywhere.

17 May, 2018


On the other hand if you plant it near lawn you can mow the suckers off. (speaking from experience) It looks rather starved in the pic.

17 May, 2018


You got me searching Honeysuckle. I have never seen one that looks like a tree before. My daughter bought one, a Rhus typhinia, and it got to be a six foot high bush before she gave it the chop because it was suckering through a shrub border. It is an interesting plant because it can be anything from 3' to 30' depending on which one you have. The flowers of some are edible and widely used as a spice but others are poisonous. Sorry I am not much help.

18 May, 2018

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