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Too early to plant out Dahlia plants? I am hardening them off at the moment but the nights can still be quite chilly here in Shropshire. Wait a few more weeks?




As they are growing on in pots, perhaps give them a little longer. Why not put them outside of a daytime and shelter them at night. Mine are at the same stage in pots and I have them outside in a sheltered spot. It really depends where your garden is situated. Although I live down south I'm in a frost pocket. Even if you plant out in a week or so and you get a slight frost, I think they will revive.

18 May, 2018


I'm in east yorks and I wont plant mine out until June. I will start to harden them off this week.

18 May, 2018


It isn't actually that warm either at the moment - lovely in the sun, but chills down in the shade. Yesterday,the temperature at 4 am here in West London was 4 degrees C.... cold enough for frost.

18 May, 2018


Thought so I will give it a while longer. I do put them out in the day and bring them in the evening. Thanks all.

18 May, 2018


I hope mine will be ok I planted then three weeks ago and I just noticed they have started to appear in the last couple of days think I’ll now put them in the green house at night (thanks )

19 May, 2018

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