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Help ! Our umbrella plant looks awful! We barely water it. Usually like once every two weeks. I know it always says to water when soil is dry but i swear I’ve killed so many plants by watering them! It has droopy leaves and some of the leaves are black which says we’ve over watered which just can’t be. Any ideas ??

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Hi, welcome to GoY, umbrella plant to me, means either Cyperus alternifolius, or Schefflera, this plant doesn't seem to be either, more like a ficus, but I can't decide which one, if it is a Ficus, then they need a fair bit of water in the growth period, and kept just moist in winter, in growth, apply a high nitrogen feed about once a month, Derek.

18 May, 2018


Actually, it is a Schefflera, but it's hard to tell with all those big leaflets hanging down. It does look like it was overwatered, too. If it was me, I would start with a new plant in a new pot, soak the soil thoroughly when I watered it, make sure that there is no water remaining in the saucer after watering, and let it dry for 3-5 weeks between waterings, depending on the temperature and humidity in the house.

19 May, 2018


Thanks y’all for the responses ! I appreciate the help ! We hate to lose this big guy but seems I’m not a plant expert quite yet.

19 May, 2018

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