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Cambs, United Kingdom Gb

Does this Fuchsia look as though it's been attacked by Capsid Bug?

On plant Fuchsia procumbens




Have you seen bugs that make you think this Balcony?

27 Aug, 2010


That is not Capsid bug damage. It looks like a sort of leaf scorch ironically that you get from over watering or bad drainage.

28 Aug, 2010


Can't see the full picture Balcony. The plant looks as if in a fairly limited container. Some fuchsias want to be pretty large. Check out that the top roots are not showing in the container due to watering. The roots could be nibbled by vine weevil. Top up the container with more soil over water retention crystals. Feed the plant. I think I can see notches on the leaves from 'the weevil'. Nematodes or provera or a turn out and feed to the robin ,if there is one. There are your options Balcony.

28 Aug, 2010


Not capsid, Balcony, for sure. Agree with the others - did you water it when it was in sun, specially when it was hot? Cos that leaf scorch area could be a result of that.

28 Aug, 2010


Thanks for your replies. There are several Fuchsias in the basket from last year. When I planted the basket last year I added water retaining crystals for the first time & was very pleased by the results! It cut down my watering by half!

The scorch marks can't be from watering in the sun for two reasons one: They are high up & I have to reach up on toe tip to get the water into the baskets as I use 2lt bottles that I refill after every watering. Two: I generally water in the evenings.

Very unlikely they are being attacked by vine weevil as the baskets were filled with fresh compost last year. I also do all my gardening on a balcony & never use garden soil, I only use compost bought from the shops. The plants are fed once a week with a general fertilizer per instructions on bottle.

The leaf scorch probably is from the wind this block of flats is pretty exposed & it often burns my plants making me very angry!

28 Aug, 2010


No point in being angry Balcony... just discover what works and what doesn't :-)

28 Aug, 2010


Just a thought. You will have to replace the compost each year when the plant is dormant as those water gel crystals are only meant for one season plants. After that they begin to rot and cause problems to longer lived plants over time.

28 Aug, 2010


Thanks for that info., Fractal, I had no idea that they could provoke problems. I'll bear that in mind for next year.

29 Aug, 2010

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