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Good morning!
My garden Is slowly being covered by the weed in the attached photos. It is low growing and pulls up with very white fleshy roots.

Concern it might be Japanese knotweed - but tallest I’ve seen it is around 10 inches.


David Harwood

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Not J.K. Enchanter's Nightshade. Bit of a thug but not as poisonous as Deadly Nightshade.

21 May, 2018


Hi Owdboggy - certainly looks like Enchanters Nightshade - many thanks for information!! Totally overwhelmed my asparagus patch - and not easy to get on top of by the look of things...

21 May, 2018


Tell me about it!. I have been pulling up lots of it today........again.

21 May, 2018


Ditto, the sun was nice on my back however.

21 May, 2018


Definitely Enchanters Nightshade, we have had it popping up in our garden for the last couple of years. I always try to get every piece out before it flowers and sets seeds-the roots are white and easily removed, but you’ve got to keep on top of it before it overtakes everywhere!

25 May, 2018

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