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By Hank

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Part 2. This is what I have left, an 8 inch diameter stump which I now have to remove. In the photo you will see at the base of the tree the beginnings of the ivy root which is about 3 inches thick. So far I have only found a couple of thin tree roots so far which is good but am wondering if the ivy root will be much more substantial ?
Then I have to get out the whole thing which could be interesting by drilling etc, cutting or burning once I’ve removed the fence panel. Not looking forward to it at all. Any ideas ?




A small portable stump grinder should take care of that in jig time.

24 May, 2018


You'll need to cut it shorter before putting a stump grinder on it. The grinder will deal with that in no time at all. Hiring one will cost quite a bit. Might be time to canvass the neighbours and see if you can find others to share the csot.

24 May, 2018


The ivy root will be much more widespread - trouble is, levering or grinding the tree stump out will take out the big root of the ivy as well, likely leaving lots of fibrous roots behind, all of which are entirely capable of producing growth. After the stump's dealt with, I'd suggest digging the area over thoroughly, with a fork, and attempting to extract any roots you find. Then its a wait to see what regrows...

24 May, 2018


Thanks, I’m hoping to dig deep all round the root, but it’ll take some time, looks formidable. A friend has a chain saw, that might help.

24 May, 2018

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