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Can anybody ID the name(s) of either one or both of these Irises. I've planted these years ago and only now they decided to bloom. Who knows their names? Thanks

Untitled_12 Untitled_8



sorry I cant Bathgate. I have the same problem with some that wre in the garden when I moved in: there are so many now that it is difficult to sort them.

they are lovely ones though, especially the second one.

26 May, 2018


That's true SBG. It's not vital I know the names, but it's nice to see them finally 'arrive'.

27 May, 2018


yes that is so true. I am amazed at how robust they are when the petals look tissue paper thin.

27 May, 2018


Yes, with a color so rich & the flower is rather complex compared to others. The bees love that little room in there. It like a parlor for them, :)

27 May, 2018


Had you thought of sending a PM to Siris?

27 May, 2018


Thanks, Siris has seen these & we have open discussion. She's helped me with many others and she would be the one to ask.

27 May, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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