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Can anyone ID this plant please? I bought it last year and it has doubled in size after dying down for the winter, I've just noticed some kind of flower bud forming too. Unfortunately I've lost the name label.




did it have yellow daisy like flowers? Ligularia springs to mind but as I don't grow it I could be way off.

26 May, 2018


From the leaves, I'd say ligularia przewalskii

26 May, 2018


It didn’t have any flowers when we put it in last year, but this year it seems to have some little ‘pointy’ things sprouting from idea if they will be actual flowers though, guess I’ll have to wait and see. I’ve checked out the ligularia you’ve both suggested but I don’t think it’s right :-(

27 May, 2018


I got it!! I got it! It’s a Ligularia. I now realise it’s in the wrong place in the garden - it flops when it’s warm / hot, apparently they like damp, shady areas.....I’ll move it to a more suitable place when the rain stops! Yay!

27 May, 2018


yes most ligularias are good in damp places. Fairhaven [water] garden in Norfolk has some stunning ones. underplanted with candelabra primulas. Harlow Carr has a similar thing in the stream area.

27 May, 2018

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