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By Sjw

gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a delphinium that has a flower stem that seems to be different to the other plants, the stem is very thick and the flower seems to be distorted, does anyone know what causes it.




Fasciation I believe and I've had it in Delphiniums before but other things as well. I copied this for an wxplanation.
"While fasciation in flowers is usually a one-time occurrence, sometimes the fasciation is carried in the plant's genetic material so that it reoccurs from generation to generation"

28 May, 2018


Yep, fasciation. I've never seen it in a delphinium before, but its one of the plants on the 'more likely to happen' list. Some reading on the subject here

28 May, 2018


Thanks, hopefully it will grow back fine next year.

28 May, 2018

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