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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

The tree stump etc. You may remember me cutting down a tree with the intention of digging out the stump. I’ve so far dug out about 5 barrowfulls of soil which I’ve been sieving and now have 3 barrows of soil that looks great, and 3 of rubbish.
I was hoping to top up my raised beds with the soil when I suddenly wondered whether soil that has been round the base of a tree for 35 years is any good or not.
I really hope so - advice please.



yes of course it is of use but it will be low-ish on nutrients. mix in some leaf mould or similar.

28 May, 2018


Can do that S.G. thanks, have got sacks of leaf mould ( mixed with grass cuttings ).

28 May, 2018

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