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Having just received various plug plants from T&M I just wondered they are very small have I left it too late or will they catch up.



Well they will eventually, but not for a month or so...

29 May, 2018


Hi, several years ago I ordered some plug plants from them, I've never seen such tiny seedlings sold as plug plants, in a single container, there were 42 tiny, [less than the size of a thimble], containers, that I could hold quite easily in the palm of 1 hand, half of the seedlings were dead, and there bare root plants, appeared to be the previous years plug plants, with very small root system to them, I've never bought anything from them since, and never will, Derek.

2 Jun, 2018


Get in touch with T&M they should be able to sort this out.

10 Jun, 2018

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