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Tree ID please
My neighbour has what I was sure was a horse chestnut which he has greatly reduced in height. Most of what's left has typical horse chestnut leaves but the bottom few are very different, broader (leaflets about 3" at the widest part)and leathery with irregularly serrated margins. the petiole is D shaped in section.

Do you think this might just be as a result of the pruning or have I identified it wrongly? The upper part of the tree has normal looking horse chestnut leaves.
Camera out of action today.



its not uncommon for leaves to be different in different parts of the , but a photo next time the camera is working would certainly help.

30 May, 2018


Hope it won't be long - will mean another visit to the neighbour as the one I picked had naturally wilted ...

1 Jun, 2018

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