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‘Slug gone’ wool pellets. How effective are they? Has anyone tried them to good effect? Many thanks



Hi, I haven't used these, I find a lot of ''old wives tales'' are just that, I find that slug pellets work best for me, although I appreciate that a lot of people don't like using chemicals, there is a piece on youtube with Alan Titmarch about them, but he doesn't sound convinced entirely.
he tells you something about them, personally I think it's just another money making gimmick. Derek.

2 Jun, 2018


I tried them some years ago when they first appeared, not sure they were called slug gone, can't remember now, but they were wool based. What I found was, they were effective when the weather was dry, but as soon as it rains a lot, the wool becomes saturated and makes a nice, soft welcome mat for slugs and snails. I wasn't that impressed, but if you live in a dry part of the country (like Essex or East Anglia) they might work better. Like Derek, i stick to slug pellets, though I've switched to Eraza ones because they're rainproof and have a cap that restricts the number which come out, so its hard for people to overdose with them. They should just be lightly sprinkled, but I've seen slug pellets in some gardens so thick the soil looks blue... its hard to do that with the Eraza pack...

2 Jun, 2018


Thanks guys. I vaguely remember using them a long time ago and like you said they disintegrate when it rains. not sure whether they are that effective and very smelly!

2 Jun, 2018

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