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White spots on an Acer.
I'm not sure how clear this photo will be, but I've just bought an Acer from Aldi, (as if I even need another one)!
Some of the leaves have tiny white spots.
The spots are wiping off with a damp cloth, but does anyone know if there is a disease that might cause this?
I'm hoping the spots have come from an external source, and will disappear.




not sure. but it may be liquid fertilizer that has dried. if really worried then why not take it back and ask for a refund.

3 Jun, 2018


Could be scale acers can be prone to this, yes they do wipe of easily, if you have them on main stem and on most sides of leaves then it could be scale insect, it won’t kill the plant but in bad cases can cause leaf loss as season progresses, in my experience when dealing with this I have used provado bugclear which is systemic and gets into the plant which they don’t like, next year try spraying in spring once new foliage is out and this should keep it scale free, repeat spray two three months later, tried and tested and seems to do the trick, or do the organic thing and wipe them off.

3 Jun, 2018


Thanks for that. I'll keep an eye on it.
It's only on the leaves, not the stem.

4 Jun, 2018

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