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Here is a photo taken yesterday (June 2nd 2018) of a plant that first appeared in my garden in June 2015. It has grown huge and is fighting for space with a minaret apple tree and some shrubs. I didn't plant it and don't want it.Would anyone like it?




This is a fine specimen of Dracunculus vulgaris aka Dragon arum.
No thank-you.

3 Jun, 2018


Ohh fantastic!!! A wonderful visitor. I think that it just 'flowers' the once and then dies.

3 Jun, 2018


Hi, this dies back after flowering, but doesn't die completely, it should send up a new shoot in late winter, or early spring, depending on what type of winter we have, Derek.

4 Jun, 2018


Thank you for your comments. It is certainly an interesting plant, and I don't want to throw it away, but I really don't want it in my garden. It is much too big, and its brief flowering period and malodourous scent after dying back makes it unappealing and unsuitable for a very small town garden. Any ideas about what I can do with it, please?

4 Jun, 2018


Hi, you could donate it to your local parks department, and they would come and take it out for you, Derek.

5 Jun, 2018

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