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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

P.S. and the plant has been in the same pot for well over 10 years. . Will it benefit from re-potting ? And in what ? Thanks.



What kind of plant is it, and what type of medium is it currently potted in? Can you post a photo? Certain plants actually like to be 'pot bound - or what we think as pot bound. My African Violets for example love that snug, tight fit. If I potted them into a larger pot, they get shy and will stop blooming. Cacti can be like that too - certain types. My Christmas cactus is ginormous, but it's been in the same pot for over 5 years. I see no signs of stress and it blooms 2x/year.

4 Jun, 2018


Ha ha! I just noticed your other question.

4 Jun, 2018

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