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Scotland Sco

Anyone able to ID this Ranunculus. The packet said gramineus but the leaves and stems do not seem right.




Sorry, pass.

6 Jun, 2018


Certainly not what it said on the label. R. gramineus ought to have grass like leaves.

6 Jun, 2018


Hi, I think the nearest I can find is R auricomis, Derek.

6 Jun, 2018


This is a puzzle. I looked at R.auricomis but this does not have a collar of fine green leaves immediately below the flower. It also has five petals this one has six. I googled Ranunculus with 6 yellow petals and it came up with R. bulbosus but the leaves are different. I wondered if it could be R. glaberrimus.

6 Jun, 2018


Hi, it doesn't look like R Glaberrimus to me, the leaves look quite different, as you say, a mystery, Derek.

7 Jun, 2018


Either of these links have similar flowers. Both seem to spread so I will not be planting it in the garden.

8 Jun, 2018

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