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What to do with spent spring bulbs in pots. Would it be better to take bulbs out, dry them out and store for next year? Or can I leave them in pots and just plant summer bedding on top? Would like to re-use both bulbs and pots! Many thanks

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Don't do anything until the leaves have died down - they still look fresh and green and now's the time to feed them well ready for next year. Sometimes they do well the following year and sometimes they are disappointing but if you want to risk it no harm in trying. The daffodils will probably be fine. Results can be variable with tulips which often disappoint in the second year, and I would definitely plant those out in the garden just in case.

6 Jun, 2018


Thanks Steragram. Shall I pull out spent pansies?

6 Jun, 2018


yes pull out spent pansies and any weed seedlings. I leave mine in place and plant summer bedding/etc into them.

6 Jun, 2018


Agree - but I'm not the one to advise about pansies - they don't seem to like me at all, sadly.

8 Jun, 2018


Have just pulled out all spent pansies and will be getting some summer bedding this weekend.

8 Jun, 2018


Now we’re a few weeks on and I checked back and my pots flowered at the end of April. Surely that is long enough to let them die off and plant over and cut off any straggeling daffodil strands?

22 Jun, 2018


yes you can remove any spent foliage now and plant your bedding. :o)

24 Jun, 2018


Thanks Seaburngirl! Love getting pots ready for the summer!

24 Jun, 2018

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