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By Julien

Derbyshire, United Kingdom Gb

Witch Hazel has kicked the bucket, one of my clients large witch hazels has completely died, it’s the one with the orange flowers, it came into flower late winter, early spring and was a joy to behold but since flowering only a couple of branches came into leaf before the whole plant just gave up the ghost, I hAve checked for obvious insect damage and fungus,but Carnt find any signs, what do you think, thanks.



have you done the bark test to see if it is actually dead?

perhaps the very cold snap in April caused it.

6 Jun, 2018


Did it have an excessive number of flowers this year, more than ever before?

6 Jun, 2018


Hi yes done the bark test and it’s completely dead, as for flowering, it was just as normal, I will cut down to ground level and see if it responds as sometimes this can work, my only other thought was that could the cold snap in March have affected it, having said that though other clients hazels are doing fine, thanks for reply’s.

6 Jun, 2018


if it was a large one ie old then yes the 'beast from the East' could well have caused its demise.

7 Jun, 2018


It could be that it's just old age if the tree is very mature. If you do decide to continue with it and cut it down to ground level, don't forget to cut above the graft. The only other way to decide what has killed it, is to dig it up and examine the roots for diseases.

7 Jun, 2018


Thanks for all the reply’s, Julien.

14 Jun, 2018

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