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The trees that border our properties have now grown to well over 100 feet, at least 5 feet higher than the than the 3 story block of flats we live in. The trees are in the school grounds which backs on to us. We don't want the trees felled , just pruned to about 10 meters high. The trees are less than 30 feet from the properties. They are quite frightening when the wind blows. Is there any height restriction. Jackie.



You'll need to speak with the school superintendent. It's going to cost them money which may not be in the school budget so maybe you can offer to pay half. Present your case to him/her with much tact & diplomacy.

7 Jun, 2018


which trees are they? they could well have tree preservation orders on them. So don't do anything to them your self as you may get fined as a consequence. the council/local authority will hold the budget for ground maintenance unless it is a private school. Ring the local council and ask to speak to the tree officer and then they will be able to help you.

7 Jun, 2018


You do not give your country of residence in your profile so regulations are up for grabs.....that being said, since the tree limbs do not cross the property line there really is nothing you can do about a perceived notion of what could happen in a wind storm.

9 Jun, 2018

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