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Can I spray my pears with an ordinary bug killer to stop wasps attackingt them?



Not much chance, as the wasps are very mobile and will avoid the smell when going on the fruit. Also if the spray is toxic it will ruin the fruit. Try wasp traps, jam jars with a little jam left, half full of water tied on with a piece of string. You can look for the wasp nest and destroy it with nipon spray.

28 Aug, 2010


I wouldn't eat the pears afterwards, either.

28 Aug, 2010


You can do anything you like Guest but spraying the pears will not stop the wasps going to feed on them and will ensure that you can't eat the pears - toxic residue from the spray. Dr B has given good advice wasps tend to go for fruit that is over ripe, are you picking your pears regularly?

28 Aug, 2010


We go to an airfield with a club/cafeteria on site. Very troubled by wasps this year, but can't find the nest. One of the ladies in the cafeteria cut a large 2 litre drinks bottle 2/3 up and reversed the neck down the bottle and put beer in it. I have never seen so many drowned wasps!!!! Visitors still flapping a bit, but not so much if all those wasps still alive. A very useful bit of recycling. Hang a couple of those up. Wasp season nearly over by now?

29 Aug, 2010


Another month for us at least Dorjac. One of the reasons we had the Gean cut down was the wasps would get drunk on the fruit that got over ripe, and that we couldn't reach, and they would then sting indiscriminately.

29 Aug, 2010

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