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Our Phygelius is being ravaged by these slimy little things. Does anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them without chemicals please?

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Maybe sawfly larvae? This site re. Pear and Cherry slugworm might help:

8 Jun, 2018


That’s interesting, have never seen phygellius being ravaged like this before.

8 Jun, 2018


Yes me neither Julien, just gardens ravaged by Phygelius, horrible plants in my opinion, especially the red 1, Derek.

8 Jun, 2018


Thank you Longleaf, you’re right. I’ve cut the plant down a bit and cut off all the affected bits, I’ve checked the remaining plant and it’s all clear now.

Derekm, thank you for your opinion, this plant is actually really beautiful, the flower heads are deep pink, so you can rest easy.

9 Jun, 2018



Sorry to say you have "Figwort weevils" if a after a natural chemical to get rid of them Pyrethrum is best but you will have to use a couple of times for best results or hand pick them off eek lol

I have had them on one I grew years ago if you dont sort out you wont have any leaves left in a matter of weeks

9 Jun, 2018


Thank you Gnarly_gnon. I’ve cut the plant down quite drastically, we have three cats who spend a lot of time in the garden so I don’t use any chemicals. I’ve also carried out a thorough search for any stragglers I may have missed x

10 Jun, 2018

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