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How hard is it to grow muscari- grape hyacint from seed? Bought a gorgeous bulb combination with very light blue ones that I would like to try and grow from seed. Would never plant out in my garden as am forever getting rid of standard blue ones! If I dry these seed heads out is there any chance of getting flowers after a few years or are the chances just too low to go hrough all the trouble?

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Biggest problem we have is stopping the dratted things from seeding. Also the pale ones do tend to revert to dark blue when grown from seed.
Otherwise absolutely no difficulty whatsoever. They flower in about 3 years.
Easier to dig up some of the bulbs and grow on the small bulbils which will have formed round the mother bulb. At least then they will be the right colour.

9 Jun, 2018


Fully agree with Owdboggy suggestion.

9 Jun, 2018


Ok thanks.

9 Jun, 2018

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