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Hello All. I would like an ID please

Leigh-on-Sea Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Hello All.
Hubby & I visited Flatford Mills "Constable Country" the other day to take pics of Willys Cottage & so on, there was a lovely Blue flowering plant I would like the ID of Please the Blue flowering plant that is behind where Barry is sitting with Pebbles our shih tzu dog, I'm adding the pics I took too :o))
The close up is the top pic :o))

Blue_flower Flatford_mill._constable_country_ Flatford_mill_willys_cottage_



How tall were these plants? Are they growing in a pot?
I thought Angallis but they rarely grow more than 12".

10 Jun, 2018


Beautiful picture and the blue of that flower, together with the Nepeta at the front, is stunning. The darker one looks like a Veronica, but I don't know of one that grows that tall, perhaps Parahebe perfoliata, though I can't see the leaves. Someone on here will know!

10 Jun, 2018


Scotsgran. They are growing in the soil :o)), I put the pic of Barry sitting on the bench so to give an idea on how high they are :o)) xx
Honysuckle. It is the darker one I wanted ID of, there are not many leaves, the leaves are quite small & pointed, if you can zoom in on the top pic you can just about see them :o)) xx

10 Jun, 2018


Anchusa 'Loddon Royalist' maybe - can't see leaves in your photo, but there's an image here

10 Jun, 2018


Yeah it's anchusa may or may not be lodden royalist great plant self seeds sometimes or easy to collect the seed later will germinate same year for faster plants and last thru winter a great plant that isn't grown enough likes it real dry

10 Jun, 2018


Oh! Thanks for the ID, I've had a look on the web for close up pics & Yes, Bamboo & Youngalistair have hit the Nail on the Head so to Speak :o))
Thanks Again All
xx Jackie T xx

11 Jun, 2018

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