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Hello, can anyone give advice on how to stop our bamboo from spreading please. I do not want to remove it as it is a lovely plant, but the side growth burrowing under the soil and popping up further along the garden is getting a bit annoying. Thank you.



Have a look at products like ''Root Barrier Bamboo 420''. Lots of custom-made products on the Internet.

10 Jun, 2018


Sounds like you have one of the runners and not a clumper, Jimmy’s right you need to put in a barrier, if not it will just keep on running, this is what I have done in past, old large size oil drum, cut bottom out, dig out ground and sink it in, then half fill with decent, soil compost and mixed with gravel for good drainage, then plant, after so many years lift out and reduce it a little, do this before it gets completely rootbound as it will be difficult to do then, I will be doing one later this year and will try and get it on here for you to see.

10 Jun, 2018


Thank you Jimmy, I shall certainly search this product out, sounds perfect.

Thanks also, Julien, if I get desperate I'll drag my son-in-law into doing this for me.

12 Jun, 2018

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