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Can someone tell me what this at the bottom of my garden

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judging by the leaves and flowers then it looks like Elderberry.

10 Jun, 2018


I almost said viburnum, but it does look like elderberry and I think it's worth keeping with those striking fragrant flowers followed by clusters of bluish berries - very showy and beneficial to wildlife. The berries are edible.

11 Jun, 2018


Definitely Elder, we have it in abundance here in Norfolk. It is a striking plant when in flower and the birds adore the berries, especially the pigeons! You can make wine from the flowers, jam from the berries and wood for the fire, I always knew you were supposed to ask the spirit before cutting it down, but there are many more myths with this tree, see here:
Great for wildlife and as the birds love the berries you will get seedlings - everywhere!

11 Jun, 2018


...warm elderberry muffins with coffee or sprinkle them on your pancakes, yum.

11 Jun, 2018


Elderflower tea s delicate and refreshing. I spray of flowers makes enough for two people.

11 Jun, 2018

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